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Share Experience (EITI Mozambique and Timor-Leste EITI)

Delegates EITI Mozambique have an official visit to Timor-Leste on 29 July till 2 August 2014 with objective to
and exchange of experiences particularly in regard to how Timor-Leste are managing to implement EITI process to become compliant  and  how MSG point of view to implement the new EITI standard

H.E Alfredo Pires, Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals Resources expressed it was grateful to welcome delegations EITI Mozambique, we are committed to share experience to any  countries that intend to implement EITI and improve good governance in natural resources, as Timor-Leste is leading of CPLP, it is our obligation to help other CPLP members like Mozambique.


Mozambique is as compliant country since 2012 however they would like gain more experience from other countries implementing the initiative, Milagre lange , as Secretary executive  said  choose Timor-Leste due to the fact that being a country that speak Portuguese language, EITI Compliant and with much experience in the process Implementation of EITI principles.

Delegates of Mozambique consist of :

1.      Milagre Celestino Langa, Secretary Executive MEITI

2.      Alice Tibana, Secretariat EITI Mozambique

3.      Helder dos Santos Sindique, Secretariat EITI Mozambique

4.      Vilela de Sousa,  Government Representatives Mozambique

5.       Camilo Nhancale. CSO Mozambique

They have Meeting with Government, CSO, Oil and Gas Company, and Counsel Consultative Petroleum Fund (KKPF) representatives, in other side the delegations have site visit to small scale mining Non Metallic (sand and stones) and Power Plant Electricity.



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