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Workshop " Pre-Validation"

In 2010, Timor-Leste have undertake 1st validation process for the EITI implementation carry out by Independent Validator Coffey International Development & In associate with IPAN. Timor-Leste has complied with the EITI Rules and the EITI board have designated as compliant country. In 6th EITI Global conference held in Sydney 2013 the EITI board have reach consensus to change EITI rules to EITI standard. (

In 2015 Timor-Leste get into the 2nd validation to verify whether implementation is consistent with new standard or not, but before 2nd validation taking place Secretariat TL-EITI has communicate with the EITI International Secretariat Dyveke Rogan, Director Regional EITI International Secretariat and Alex Gordy, Country Manager, EITI International Secretariat to facilitated one day workshop (29 January 2015) for MSG in Dili Timor-Plaza.

The intension of this workshop is to carry out the validation exercise against EITI Standard in order to enable MSG to understand better the Validation process that will commence on 1 October 2015, including reviewing the status and quality of the TL-EITI report 2012 which is remain under discussion by the MSG & have yet been approved. during the workshop MSG has identifying several weaknesses need to be strength in the future and remedial action to be undertaken before validation. in other hand MSG noted will revise the  TL-EITI Work Plan (WP) accoringly in align with the EITI requirment 1.4. 

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