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Dessiminated 5th TL-EITI report

Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals Resources through Sekretariadu TL-EITI have organized one day dissemination of the TL-EITI 5th (2012) report.

The dessimination of the report conducted directly by MSG and in the other hand involve Ministry of Finances (Directorate of State Budget) to explained the state budget allocation and expenditure.

In order to ensure that all stakholders are well infomed about the overall EITI implementation and report  the government and MSG have strive to dessiminate the information thorough out media print and elektronic or meeting directly with the community in the municipility to explain how the gocernment is mangage this naturals resources with transparency and accountibility in accordance with the EITI mechanics.

The dissemination was conduct to the regional level as following:

No Regional / Municipality Centralize Date
1 Lospalos, Baucau, Manatuto Manatuto  21 August 2015
2 Manufahi, Viqueque, Suai
and Ainaro
Manufahi  27 August 2015
3 Ermera, Liquica, Aileu,
Ermera  22 September 2015
4 Regional Oecussse Oecusse  30 September 2015

Over 70 participantes were attended cosist: of Rep Local Government, Community Leader, NGO, youth representatives, Political Party and private sector.

The speakers consist of: Central Bank of Timor-Leste, Civil Society Organization, National Petroleum Authority, Extractive Industries Company, Ministry of Finance (Directorate State Budget and Directorate of Petroleum Tax and Minerals), Directorate of Minerals and TL-EITI Secretariat.

The dissemination was funded by Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals Resources.

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